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Last Update: January 2021

Thinking about selling yet another freelance article? Why not a short story? In the long run, writing short stories can be highly lucrative for a writer trying to boost his or her career.

In this article, I will walk you through my own experience selling a short story and the benefits that sale brought me, then we will dive into a list of great places to submit yours.

Do Short Stories Sell?

Most writers don’t know much about the so-called pulp era. …

By Javier Cabrera

With Sony about to produce a ROBOTECH flick, time has come for us close the doors and discuss the role of Carl Macek and Harmony Gold USA in the history of Anime.

I have an attempt to murder to confess. Two, actually. One occurred a few years ago when I was around twenty-five years old in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I drove all the way from my office in Plaza de Mayo to my mother’s home with a bagged body in the truck of my car. I never meant to murder — few men do. At least…

By Javier Cabrera

“Full stop! Red alert! Shields! All power to engines! Back us up, ensign, back us up!” That is what I would scream on the set of the new Star Trek Discovery before it is too late, and the entire production crashes against their audience’s yawns. There was magic, fun, excitement — a profound sense of wonder for the unknown in the original series. No one had ever seen something like it on the screens before Star Trek series arrived, and it wasn’t just because of the special effects and its originality that it became a cult hit…

Javier Cabrera

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